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almost 4 years ago


Hello, fellow hackers! 

Only one day left until the launch of the hackathon and we are super excited for you to be a part of it! Join our Slack community if you haven't already to get the latest updates and announcements of the event ->

And here is a quick overview with everything you need to know about the upcoming days:

  • Read our Guidelines here. Take a look at the Tracks and the list of Mentors that will be available during the hackathon to help you out. 
  • Start thinking about ideas and forming teams(you can always choose to work alone if you wish). If you can't think of anything you want to work on and can't seem to form a team, fill in this form and we will assign a team for you ->
  • During the hackathon we will do open online workshops about different topics of programming, these will help you to build and develop your ideas further!
  • In order to participate in the hackathon you need to submit the name of your project and team(1-5 people) by 3PM sharp right here in Devpost Submissions. Only projects who will have submitted on time here will be able to compete for the prizes, so it's very important you do this! In case you don't have a specific idea yet write a temporary team name and a description into what you might be interested in building (it can be very vague at this point). Don't worry you will be able to edit your submission until Sunday the 10th of May 1PM when the judging will begin. 

The official opening on the hackathon starts tomorrow at 12PM GMT+3 in which we will talk through the key questions you might have, the tracks and the prizes for the winner! 

Stay tuned!



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum or in our Slack channel!