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almost 4 years ago

The day has come - launching The Raccoons

Good morning to all!

The day has come - Today we start the Raccoons Hackathon!
1. To follow the updates and all activities join our Slack community in

2. The information about Tracks, Slack communication, Hackathon Agenda, Mentors and a lot more is available in the Guidelines!

3. To find new team mates hackathon participants everyone should apply for Team Formation (no matter if you are going solo, don't have a team or already are a part of one):

4. All activities and the team formation process will be explained Today in the opening of the hackathon which starts at 12PM (GMT +3) sharp so be ready to join on Facebook live or check our Slack channel!

5. All participants that want to fight for prizes have to register in Devpost until 3PM (GMT+3). If you do not have your own idea please fill the space with field of technology you're interested in or what would you like to try (For example: "I'm interested into making app / creating webpage) and submit your application until the end. Otherwise your application is not finished.

6. Remember, this hackathon is about learning and discovering the possibilities so don't be afraid to not know what to do. Feel free to ask for help to mentors or organizers. Together, we will help you develop new skills and find a great team during the process to get the best result in just 48 hours!