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almost 4 years ago

Submissions at 1PM

Today is the day you need to submit everything that you have worked on so far over the weekend. Here is everything you need toknow about submissions and judging. Please submit all the necessary details including a video. 

The submission deadline for all the projects is the 10th of May, 1 PM GMT+3

To submit your project, you need to create a section for it in our Raccoons Devpost page in the Submissions section here until the 8th of May 3PM and check the track that you wish to submit it in. 

The submission you should include:

    • The title of the project
    • A description of what the project is about. 
    • A link to your codebase
    • Team members who participated in creating the project
    • A 2 min video explaining your idea and showcasing what you built. Please upload a link to your video on YouTube or Vimeo here.






We will give out the following prizes for the winners if prizes categries:

  • Aranet
  • 4x Playstation
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Raccoons Merch
  • RBS BITL Scholarship
  • 50$ Amazon Vouchers

And here is a list of prize categories that you can apply to:

  • Game Jam & Creative Computing
  • Space Hack RBS for High Schools Students
  • AR/VR
  • Data Evrything and Best Use of Domain
  • Participant Vote

All projects who submit will also automatically compete in the Best Overall Hack.