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almost 4 years ago

Raccoons Feedback

Hey there! 

A few days have already passed after the hackathon, and hopefully enough for you to get some sleep and get settled back into reality. 

We wanted to take this to thank you all for the amazing work and projects that you did during the event, for those of you who worked with new teammates and managed to collaborate, for those who struggled through and learned to problem solve all steps of the way rather than choose the quitting strategy and for all of you who submitted. We truly hope you gained new friends and learned something exciting, and most importantly had some fun while doing it! We surely enjoyed looking at what you made :) 

Last thing we wanted to ask from you that we would greatly appreciate, is to fill in this fairly short Feedback Form:

It would really help us to understand what you did or didn't like and how we can make it better for you in the future. 


Aaand regarding the future - this was just the first of many events to come. At Raccoons here we want to create more opportunities for you to tinker and build together so do follow us here on FB for any upcoming events in summer. Also let us know if you want to join in on the organising part of our events by filling this form: as we are always looking for new members to help us out! 


Have a great rest of the spring and see you at our next events! 

The Raccoons team